My Life, My Dialysis Choice

About My Life, My Dialysis Choice

What is this tool for?

You may be one of the tens of thousands of people each year who learn they will need dialysis. This is scary—but please don't panic! You can keep doing things that matter to you—IF you make a choice that is a good fit for your life. This tool will help you link your values to the options. You can see what might be the best fit(s) for you, then talk to your care team about what you want and why.

Who built the tool?

The non-profit Medical Education Institute, Inc. (MEI) built the tool. MEI self-funded this tool; to ensure that it is unbiased, no outside funding, sponsorships, or advertising are accepted. Our mission is to help people with chronic diseases learn to manage and improve their health. We believe that the best way to do well with kidney disease is to become your own expert: Stay positive. Learn all you can. Take an active role in your care. We know lots of people who did these things and have lived for decades after their kidneys failed—and lived well.

MEI staff and consultants who built My Life, My Dialysis Choice are:

The MEI team offers a special thank you to Dr. Robert and Mrs. Maureen Lockridge for their help reviewing this tool.

Where does the information come from?

Where we could, we used published research for each point in the tool. (For some points, such as travel, there are no studies. So, we used common sense and what consumers have told us.) The studies we used are cited in the book Dori Schatell and Dr. Agar wrote, called Help, I Need Dialysis!

We've also created a summary of the data sources for hospitalization days and 5-year survival.

What about transplant? Or no dialysis options?

Down the road, we'd like to add a section to the tool for transplant, and one for "Comfort Care" (no dialysis).

How can I support MEI’s work?

There are lots of ways you can help!

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